Uchenna Udengwu (far left): Just Like Me? Mentees' Gender and Ethnicity Mentor Preferences

Isela Pina (center): The Links Between Victimization, Depression, and Gender

Ericka James (left): Does Gender of Ethnicity Impact Students' Comfort in Campus Interactions? 

Vanessa Davila (right): Development of a Self-Report Measure of Self Efficacy Regarding Acceptance
of Negative States (SERANS)

Jose Cuchilla : Examining Diabetes Health Disparities among US/Foreign-born Hispanics 

Oliver Cruz: Two Social Institutions in the Same School District

Luis Cruz: Social Conformity: Reversing the Extroverted and Introverted in Leadership

Denise Cesma: Regulating the Female Body

Diana Castro (seen at right) and Rachelle Webb: When Doing Yoga as Compared to Other Exercises